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This video will walk you through installing uTorrent, the program we recommend for downloading torrent files. Then some basic configuration/customization is covered.

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To get the fastest possible download speed you'll need to make sure you have a problem free connection. If you have a hardware router you're using to share your Internet connection you will need to configure the router to allow torrent data to pass through. This video shows how to tell if you have a router causing limited connections and how to achieve a full connection. As well as a few more free programs you can use to increase your download speed from bittorrent even further.

In Lesson 3 we cover searching for files using the best bittorrent search engines, how to choose the right search results for download, the basics of how bittorrent works and the details of what uTorrent can tell you about your downloads.

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In Lesson 4 we cover the basics of playing AVIs, RAR archives, ISO's and other CD/DVD image files.

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