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Click for the DVD2SVCD lessons
These lessons use a program called DVD2SVCD to convert a DVD to VCD, SVCD and 1 single DVDR disk. You'll also learn how to convert an AVI that uses any codec to VCD, SVCD and DVD. Note: DVD to DVDR using this program copies the main movie only. Menus and extras are stripped. Not all home DVD players support movies in VCD,. SVCD or DVDR format. Be sure to check for compatibility with your home DVD player.
Click for the DVD Shrink lessons
In these lessons we'll use a program called DVD Shrink to make a backup of a DVD to 1 DVDR disk. There is some quality loss with shrinking the DVD to fit Then in Lessons 3 and 4 we'll show you how to make a copy to 1 DVDR DL disk. This will make an exact copy with no quality loss. You'll need to Dual Layer burner and DL disks for this method. The burners are very cheap now, around $30 and the disks are about $1.50 each.
Click for the IFOEdit lessons
IFOEdit is a very exciting program. In these lessons you'll learn how to make a full DVD backup to 2 DVDR's.

Note: The first 60% of the movie will be on the 1st disk. The remaining 40%, along with the DVD's extra features, will be on the 2nd disk.

Click for the DVD to DivX lessons
These lessons will show you how to backup a DVD to DivX 3 and DivX 5. DivX 5 will give the best results and is good for computers with CPU's faster than 1GHz. DivX 3 also gives good results and can be played on slower machines. Note: Movies backed up to DivX 5 can be played in some DVD players, but not the majority. You can check for compatibility here.
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