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Start with the Newsgroup Tutorials first. Then continue to the Interest Group section for more on downloading from newsgroups.


Watch the Newsgroup Tutorials before continuing below. You'll need the knowledge in the main lessons to understand most of the weekly video lessons.

ISO Buster lets you open image files created in any burning program. You'll find a lot of image files on News Groups. Using ISO Buster you can extract the files to a folder and burn them with the software of your choice. DOWNLOAD ISOBUSTER

Get the latest ISO Buster here

If you download a movie from the Internet and it turns out to be a .BIN file, don't despair. Use VCD GEAR to extract it to a .MPG file. VCD GEAR also opens .CIF (Easy CD Creator) and .NGR (Nero). DOWNLOAD VCDGEAR

Get the latest VCDGEAR here

In this video we cover a new feature added in version 11 of News Rover called the Download Queue. It allows you to easily change the order that files download in. This can save you a lot of time if you have several downloads going and, for instance, you want to get the last download you started to, download first. You can use the Download Queue to move that download to the top of the list.
7-Zip is format similiar to rar and works very similiarly. This video shows how to identify a 7 zip file set, download the files and extract the files from inside the set. You can download the 7-Zip program here
In this video lesson we cover a feature in News Rover called the Message Display Filter. With the filters you can tailor what you see in each newsgroup to filter out any clutter or specify only a few file types that will show up on the group.
NZB files are very small files that contain instructions for downloading a group of files from a news server. This video lesson shows how to find nzb's on a newsgroup and how to use them to download a whole movie with only a few clicks.
The VLC player lets you watch virtually any video or audio. It does this by incorporating into the player just about every codec in use today. You can also change the look and feel of the player to match that of a media player you are already familiar with.
The System Restore utility in Windows XP allows you to restore your computer to an earlier state. It's kind of like rolling back the clock. It does without deleteing an of the documents, emails or other files you have on your computer.
The K-Lite codec pack will install just about every video and audio codec you'll need. Note: If your computer already works fine and you can playback any video and convert it to any format you want you should not install K-Lite. If you do install make sure you follow last weeks video lesson and create a System Restore point first. This way if it doesn't work out you can restore your system to a working state.
This video shows a quicker way to extract a sample movie from any rar set. This is an addition to the original video you'll find towards the bottom of the weekly video lessons list. It cuts the number of steps to get a sample in half making it much quicker to extract a sample movie.
In this lesson we show how to rid your computer of malware and ways to keep your system clean. Malware includes, viruses, spyware, trojans, and adware. All of these are defined in the lesson.
Security Suites
Malware Removers Browsers
This video lessons shows a new, much quicker, way to get to and download files from newsgroups. This is done using information found on and the File Attachment Locator in News Rover.
In this lesson we show how to set up your folder views in Windows XP to make using the files you download as simple and easy as possible, as well as a few more tricks about folders.
This video lesson shows how to use New Rover to extract/piece together 001 files into a single file which you can then play if it's a video or open up and use if it's a program file. Also shown is how to get a sample video from 1 or more .001 files.
Alcohol 120% is a CD and DVD burning software. The video shows you how to use the virtual drive feature to open any CD or DVD image file (.iso, bin/cue, etc) you have on your hard drive onto a drive letterĀ (F: Drive for example) and use it as if it were a real CD or DVD drive.
This video uses WinRar, VCDGear and MakeCue to extract a sample movie (MPG or AVI) using only the first file in a Rar set (part01.rar). You can even extract a sample MPG from a bin/cue image inside a Rar set. Use this method to tell the quality of a movie without downloading the whole movie first. Download MakeCue
This video shows how to get the fastest possible download speeds from your news server provider by changing a few default settings in News Rover. Another program used in this video is DU Meter. You can download it from You can also often find it by searching with News Rover following lesson 7 of the newsgroup lessons.
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